QA Engineer

As a Software Tester, you will join our Team of QA engineers, focused on testing new functionalities, retesting fixed bugs, and confirming our apps work in a proper way. We divide our work knowing our strengths and weaknesses, to either complete our work more efficiently or gain the experience we desire.

You’ll join a transparent and open team, that you can always count on. We help other team members when in any doubt or if anything seems overwhelming and divide our work between ourselves to have a healthy workload per team member.

This role is most suitable for someone who is:

  • Organised and target focused
  • Open, transparent, and collaborative
  • Welcoming of constructive and helpful feedback, and are happy to give it to others
  • Self-motivated and happy to take ownership of your tasks
  • Keen on gaining new knowledge and oriented on self-improvement
  • Great at building relationships and connecting across technical, product and creative cultures
  • Resourceful and proactive in solving problems
  • Consistently proactive and positive attitude

What you'll do:

  • Perform manual testing of our mobile apps and backend
  • Perform manual testing of backend functionalities (Python)
  • Collaborate with Software Developers on requirements

Essential skills & experience:

  • Ideally, more than 3 years of QA experience
  • Excellent knowledge of testing Mobile apps (iOS, Android)
  • Good understanding of software QA methodologies and processes
  • Ability to analyse and understand business flows
  • Experience with testing backend (python, Docker)
  • Experience working with designers, and using design software (Figma, XD)
  • Experience setting up backend environments, working with backend developers and APIs
  • Experience with Scrum methodology
  • Good working knowledge of command-line tools and shell scripting

Beneficial skills:

  • Experience with IoT devices
  • Experience with BLE protocol
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with automation scripts (preferably in python)
  • Experience with Frontend testing

QA Engineer

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